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A jig to aid the correct alignment of an aircraft's wings, both main plane and horizontal stabilisers (tail plane).  

The jig has a graduated base which together with a variety of graduated sloping supports will enable the correct setting of wing angles on a large range of aircraft.


The footprint of the jig matches that of our 215mm deep units so that it can be neatly stored.

An extension platform enables the support of longer fuselages.


The fuselage supports cater for widths up to 67mm.

The jig includes a built in drawer for storing all of the supports enabling it to be stored neatly when not in use and easily transported.



Dimensions : 305 x 215 x 46mm (in stored configuration)


Supplied in flatpack form.  Produced in MDF and requires gluing together with PVA wood glue.

Instructions are found under the 'Documentation' tab.

Aircraft not included!



Wing Jig