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Modular storage unit to store Revell Acrylics in two drawers.

Stores up to 60 bottles.

Dimensions : 305 x 215 x 120m

Supplied in flatpack form. Produced in MDF and requires gluing together with PVA wood glue.

Instructions can be found under the Documentation tab

Paints not supplied.

Please note that the supplied unit will feature magnet connectors rather than the square pegs in the photographs.

Customisation - If you only have a few Revell bottles and would like a unit with one Revell drawer and one of the other drawers then please contact us as we can readily accommodate this, or many other custom combinations of the drawers.


*NB no Sprue Box discounts are able to be applied to this product.

Two Drawer Unit for Revell Acrylics

SKU: 21512015