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A unit designed to hold a tablet, phone or instructions whilst working at your workbench or craft space.

The stand can be used as part of our modular range or on its own.

Two designs of sides are included giving the option of a stepped side to match our other top level stands or a more curving option.

The angle of the tablet can be easily adjusted by moving the support from one slot in the base to another.

Two depths of supports are provided to cater for thin and thicker tablet and cases. The thinner supports up to 12mm thickness and the thicker up to 20mm.

The support will take a tablet and case up to 249mm wide.

For instructions a pair of open ends are provided for the support. This enables instructions of A4 size to be displayed in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Dimensions : 305 x 215 x 180mm

Supplied in flatpack form. Produced in MDF and requires gluing together with PVA wood glue.

Instructions are found under the 'Documentation'

Tablet not supplied.

*NB no Sprue Box discounts are able to be applied to this product.

Tablet and Instruction Stand

SKU: 215TU010