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A unit to help tidy and order your stash of raw materials, particularly the likes of sheets of metal or plasticard, rod, brass strip and tubing. The side sections are designed for holding packs of material such as Evergreen plastic section. The unit can be used either on its own or as part of our modular storage system. The unit is 240mm high matching the height of two of our standard units.

Designed to store sheets up to 222mm wide. The vertical pockets have varying depths to facilitate the storage of different lengths of sheets. Combined with the drawers and the small tray section this means that there is always somewhere to store your offcuts of material.

36cm long clear plastic tubes with end caps are now available as optional extras, see the related products. These will help protect your eyes from getting a poking and the materials from being bent by stray hands.

*NB no Sprue Box discounts are able to be applied to this product.

Sheet Store

SKU: 215TU008