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CM 35665 Model T 1917 Ambulance (early), WWI AAFS Car 1/35

The Ford Model T is an American passenger car from the First World War and the interwar period. The first copies of this vehicle appeared in 1908, and serial production continued in 1908-1927. About 14.68 million cars of this type were created in its course! The vehicle was powered by a single 22.5 HP engine.

The Ford Model T is a true legend of the American automotive industry – it was the car that literally motorized the United States, it was also the first mass-produced passenger car in history on the assembly line. Thanks to the application of this production innovation and its improvement in the 1920s, the average production time of a single Ford T dropped to approx. 90 minutes! As production increased, the price of a single car also fell: from $ 950 in 1909-1910 to $ 360 in 1916-1917. The Ford Model T was a great success for several reasons: first of all, despite being mass-produced, it was made of high-quality components, which translated into its almost legendary durability and reliability. It was also very suitable for driving in moderately rough terrain, and was insanely easy to handle and repair. Its advantages also made it widely used by the American armed forces in 1917-1918 as a light truck, ambulance or reconnaissance vehicle. The last Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line in 1927, and the Ford model was replaced by the A model.

1/35 1917 Ambulance WW1

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