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Wing Commander Update

Hey everyone

I hope this finds you well.

So as you know, these last few weeks have been a little crazy, with the 48hr Birthday Bash event starting on the 10th March. But fear not, you boxes are packed and ready to go.

I will be sending them out to you after this weekend. Videos are in production so should drop in time for you when you receive it.

As you know the idea of the boxes are to push the boundaries of your modeling experience, and this one is no different.

But rest assured, you will have everything you need to make some master pieces.

I know some of you have not yet finished your first box, and the feed back so far is that generally they have been recieved well.

This month we have two new Wing Commanders that have join us, so please make them feel welcome.

Next month the videos and Inspiration box 1 will go on the site for all to grab, but not at the reduced rate you got. This way we can hopefully get a few more people to try the idea before signing up to the packages.

Lastly, can I ask you all to feed back any issues or if you have concerns. I value your thoughts and together we can build and improve the experience.

Happy modeling,


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