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Wing Commander Mission is coming

So this week your next Inspiration box is due out.

Videos are being edited has i write this so, this time everything will drop by mid week.

I'm super excited as to what you will make of this next box and just how you find its contents. the videos are going to be really helpful to you and as i told you before they have been done by someone i class as a true inspirational model maker.

Ive not seen much updates as to where you all are with the last box, and to be fair i have not done a hangout due to being unwell. Listening to me sniffing and coughing would not be fun at all.

In more news, I'm working on a platform that will in time provide you all with a better experience for chat, videos and hangouts. The hope is that we will arrange a hangout that is available 24/7 and will be open to all to use as and when. With the add on of being able to talk between each other in a more connective way.

But more about that soon as i have it ready to unveil.

Thank you all for your support, and sticking with me. I have now got the other boxes for the rest of the year already sorted to insure we deliver on time and in the way i have promised.

One last thing, the Sprue Box is in talks with a supplier. The hope is we will be able to bring to you and the market something that is not yet in the UK and will be an exclusive. You maybe able to guess if you have been following us closely but i will leave it under wraps for now until all confirmed. But as soon as we have it up and running we will I hope be able to offer every member of Sprue Box a great deal.

So that's the briefing for now, stay tuned as i will sort out a hangout soon (ill or not). But would be great to do it as you get your next box.

Happy modeling for now


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