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Stock Clearance

Yep it is that time of year where we all clear out and make room for the coming year.

Here at Sprue Box it is no different.

This year we will be making room, by selling off all the model kits we have in stock and much more.

Why, well we have come to a cross roads in the direction i want to see the business going and let's face it we do not hold too much items in our kits categories.

We have lost our way a little and our main focus was always meant to be about the subscription packages we offer and the opportunity to experience different thing in our hobby.

Starting on the 12th February 2024, we are going to offer 25% discount on all model kits that we have in stock and we are calling this "love ur self".

Maybe it is the best time for a loved one to buy you that valentine kit of choice.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us but don't worry, everything is already in place for the subscription packages and we will be bring you some more interest ideas once we have found the room to store it all.


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