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Sentinel of the skies

Gathering in secret at a meeting room in the middle of no where on a Tuesday morning with like minded modellers, YouTubers and Magazine publishers for the unveiling of the next must have from Airfix.

Dale Luckhurst stands proudly in front of the team with a smile from ear to ear, which wasn't anything to do with the free bacon sandwiches. Looking nervously at his watch as this time the reveal was going to be timed with the launch on YouTube.

So, what is the next thing I need on my bench, not just a re pop!

It's finally here, the all new tooled 1/48 Westland Sea King .......

Finally I can put to bed my complaint of my experience of the old 1/72 Sea King from Airfix and a big plus it's in a bigger scale too.

So, this blog is a little different to our normal one. We will be taking a first look at just what is in the box with our first box review.

Firstly let's look at why the different approach from the team. A departure from the January list of what's coming and waiting what seems an age for the preorder to arrive. The team have chosen to be all secretive and arrange all the production behind the scenes and deliver your expectations in short order.

Choosing a much loved and iconic airframe such as the Sea King, Airfix have provided yet another kit right into the company's core business of British subjects. As Dale has said 'Chossing a subject matter which they know will deliver good sales to the company providing the investment abilities for future projects.'

The tooling on this kit is the new standard we have seen in the latest kits, with the team in China delivery high quality and cracking detailing throughout the model.

Working with partners such as the Historic Helicopters in Chard UK and Heli Operations which have provided Luke and the design team all the abilities needed to scan and refine the details for this kit.

Luke has worked very hard in his research scanning over a dozen airframes, darting around the UK to multiple sites clocking up a large amount of time and miles. But one of the massive differences which this kit to others already out their is the detail inside the airframe. Unlike the scanning of Spitfires cockpits, the Sea King's large interior provides much more area to use the scanning equipment and boy have they made sure every detail is there. For example that detail is front and centre with as early as step three of the instructions you are adding the relief tube to the model.

As we already know, having Luke as the researcher whom is a rivet counter extraordinaire, nothing has been missed. The quality of the 3d scanning was to the same level and attention that was given to Airfix's recently release 1/24 Spitfire Mk viii which to me means the foundation in research is there for future releases and possibilities of a large scale model in the further.

But would they dare!

The designer Matt has worked on this project for close to two years, perfecting those rivets, panels and details with his kean eye and clear passion for what he does. With in the presentation on YouTube and on the day at the Historic Helicopters event, Matt explains just how much work he has put into the project, with many a walk home after work involving a full discussion with himself on just he will be able to get those overlapping panels right tomorrow which clearly was just one of the number of challenges.

The model kit itself is the new plastic in which Airfix is now using with all its new production runs, made in India and already just days away from arriving in the UK, allowing you to preorder now and expecting you kit on your bench in August.

The kit box is jammed packed of sprue insuring no movement happening during the delivery process with its own delivery box around it to add just that little extra touch and security.

Inside the box of wonder is an easy set of instructions, decals from cartograf and the Sprue it's self. Let's break that all down now for you.

The kit has 348 pieces and is the most complete Sea King kit produced to date, with 4 different schemes which follows its life from the first airframe to its current scheme. Highly detailed external with over lapping panels and rivet detail. A fully detailed cockpit with raised details on the control and instrument panels, plus the options for three different interior layouts matching the scheme possibilities. But that's not all, with options for folding rotor blades, tail rotor, positionable lights, retractable undercarriage and positionable doors. Clearly this kit has been made with the modeller in mind.

I truly feel with the price tag at £54.99, this addition to the Airfix range is really going to fly off the shelf's and make the lovers of the great Sea King airframe over joyed.

Below are some pictures of the Sprues and everything you will find in that box. Order it now and use the link below to help support all the goings on with Model Officer and Sprue box.

Airfix affiliate link. : -

We will be doing a build video in time and yes we will be using those Outlaw paints. Seems the perfect match to me.

Just before we get to the sprue themselves, if you are like me a massive fan of the King of Kings, why not check out the Historic Helicopters in person at one of the open days provided by the team at Historic Helicopters.

For more information visit there website :-

The Sprues

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