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Preorders have begun

Yes that's right, we are now taking preorders for our range of Outlaw Paints.

As you know, Sprue Box have been chosen to become the UK distributor. We couldn't wait to tell this news, but more so we can't wait for the product to be here on the shelf's.

So, we have launched for this month a special offer of 10% off any preorders across the full range. Only a minimum order of 6 items unlocks that discount in.

But we also are offering some full range offers as well.

Full Range of Military colours - £899.

  • British

  • US

  • Australian

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Nato

  • (168 Colours in total)

Full Range of Rail Colours - £ 332

  • British Rail

  • Australian Rail.

  • 62 Colours

But if there is a range you would like to see, let me know and i will sort out something for you.

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