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Oversea’s Inspiration Box

Well it didn't take long for the email's to start flying in from over sea's.

Are you interested in be inspired in your model making journey? Have you seen the Inspiration box idea here at Sprue Box?

So, yes we have a pricing plan which we hope will meet your needs for inspiration. With our top package, The Wing Commander delivering 4 inspiration boxes a year to you. But how does that work?

An inspiration box is something that the team here at Sprue Box put together and keep under our hats until you receive it. The idea is that is removes stress and creates a little excitement. We try to do a wide range of ideas with in the boxes, but also try and link each one in the series. The aim is to push you model journey to the fullest.

We hope that you get that birthday feeling each time you get one, with at least the knowledge it not going to socks again!

So, in a nut shell you sign up to a monthly subscription pricing plan. The price that you pay covers postage in the UK and the boxes with no additional cost. The levels are explain below.

However if you are outside the UK, then yes we are more than happy for you to allow us to inspire you. But before you sign up to one of the pricing plans, please note an additional charge may well be required by prior agreements. This will be invoiced to you as a separate invoice.

Where we can we will try our upmost to find a way to keep cost to a minimum which may cause some delays given the current postal issues around the world.

But remember, it not just the inspiration box, there is so much more that comes with the packages.

You can always jump right in to the Discord community server and try out the community for yourself.

Sprue Box Mess -

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