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Our community is moving.

So i hope you are all well.

I have decided to move the community form the app to Discord as not completely happy with the app and how it works.

Discord will offer a better platform, with a reactive chat option similar to facebook as well as 24/7 hangouts available.

I have set things up so we have areas for site members, different ranks in relation to the pricing plans and some extra contain in which will come in time, such as workshops and content. Yes this will take me time to work on all the different things i wish to offer but at least you can see more clearly what is being worked on while hanging out or chatting with each other.

So our pricing plan members are already making themselves at home and by doing so test it all for me, but as of Monday the 10th April 2023 i will send out an email with a link for all site members to get involved. The link will only work for up to 7 days so if you have any issues please do email me.

I really hope that the community can build and interact in a wonderful positive way like facebook groups i have made in the past. But the truth is it is up to you, the more you interact the more the community will benefit and grow.

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