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New look is here

Our new look is here, but there is so much more to come.

With the new lines slowly coming on line, we have had to make things a little easier for you to use.

What's new!

Inspiration Box - With the Inspiration Box pricing plans doing so well, we will be adding new lines in the store to allow people to better understand our offer. These will be a little more expensive than the pricing plan, but really let's people have a try.

Bench - will be live shortly, as you know we have partnered up with EBMA which will start this section off. But we will hope to expand this further.

Paints - well there is a story and as yet can't quite tell you the exciting news, but we have lined up something very special which will kick off with some special pre-order deals. Hope to tell you more very soo .

Merchandise - Yes, this is really coming, with some products which are already available through our welcome pack, gifts and much, much more. Our hope is that we will add items regularly through out the year.

So let us know what you think about the chances, the new lines or maybe something you would like to see here at Sprue Box.

Carry on modeling.

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