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Military colour box set

Outlaw paints are hand made Lacquer paint from the land down under, with every pot being made with the quality, care to attention and passion you share in the hobby you love. The Outlaw team has the same pride in making the product for you as you do in the modelling subject you're working on.

Our Special Offer

Military Colour Box Set - £899

We will be doing an exclusive box set of all the 168 Military colours as a one off.

At present Outlaw Paints have published only 108 colours but are working hard on the next release. So take your opportunity now to secure the full range first.

Each box set will included an exclusive gift from us just to say thank you.

So the official launch of the Outlaw Paint brand in the UK will be the 11th November 2023, but as a special offer to help celebrate Spruebox's involvement, we will be starting a pre-launch special offer from the 1st June 2023.

Happy modelling.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is for the full range of Military Colours (168).

  2. Preorder's have no maximum order level.

  3. Preorders start 1st June 2023 and ends 30 days there after.

  4. Full payment is requested with the pre-order at the time of purchase.

  5. Items will be delivered to the customer as close as we can to the UK launch date (11th November 2023).

  6. All preorders may be collected in person from the Scale ModelWorld show in Telford, however at the time of this blog, the trade table at the show is not yet 100% confirmed.

  7. The preorder special offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offers available on the Spruebox website.

  8. Given the nature of the product, all items will be delivered by courier only and no discounts can be applied to postage.

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