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Inspiration is only a moment away

So morning all

This is a very quick message/ blog to say you boxes are moments away now.

You should start receiving them any day and I'm really looking forward to hear your reaction, to our first box.

The plan has to have videos up as tutorials any day now, as you may know I have been quite unwell these last few weeks with has created delays. In fact as I write this, I am in fact in hospital waiting to get home to the bench. Everything is ok.

Watch out for a link tomorrow for our first hangout on Saturday evening, where I hope to meet you all to talk about the journey in which you all are about to start and hopefully get the inspiration for more exciting things to come.

So, 2023 is going to be a journey of new, exciting techniques, differing skills and just maybe expanding you model making journey to unknown heights.

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Mine just came, do i wait to open it :-)

Replying to

If you do, PM me your reaction, pls

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