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Inspiration is due

Yes, it almost time for another box inspiration.

This time, I have chosen to go easy on you guys and girls, but of course there is a link to what you have received already.

But i wanted to inform you all, that things will be changing later in the year to how we do things here at Sprue Box. At the moment we have members at different stages of the program with inspiration boxes going out at different times. This has lead to many small issue and a differcuilt work flow.

So from next year, we will send out boxes only every quarter of the year. For those that have been with us from the start we really won't see much difference, but those joining after you may wish to add a few extra payments to insure you receive you boxes as the rest do.

I will email those soon with more information and explanation.

More News.

Outlaw paints - preorders are now open and we are anticipating a large number of them. We may have to close preorders early so if you thinking of making an order I would ask you to do so early to avoid disappointment.

Scale Modelworld - Our table is booked and we will be launching Outlaw paints at the show but we will have some special show additions which will be announced soon. With some demos planned all being well. Remember, if you preorder any Outlaw paints we can arrange for you to pick them up at the show reducing postage costs.

EBMA - We are able to offer you some of the amazing range of bench storage items from Uk based EBMA. Giving you the ability to adapt you work space to a much easier work environment.

Community - Remember we have a discord community with the ability for hangouts 24/7. We would really encouraged you all to use this as much as possible although we are a little quite at present. But we have joined up with the Model Officer Facebook group build celebrating D-Day which is a year long build.

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