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Come join the communities new home

So here it is the link for the new home for the Sprue box community.

As you can see they is loads of places to visit from community hangouts which is free to use anytime, but with special days being posted in the Briefing Hall. A general chat for you to talk to other like mind people about just what your up to or to trouble shot any issues you may be in counting.

What we hope to bring is some workshop days, as well new products/reviews and offers. But more so, if you chose to take on a pricing plan subscription you have you own areas and offers too.

With the inspiration boxes, we hope that everyone will share their work and thoughts each time the boxes arrives which not only helps each of you but will also help the team in delivering the next ideas in good time and order.

Here is a picture of the server, which i hope helps explain just what is on offer on the Discord Server.

The community is designed for you in mind, the more you use it the more likely it will be your main place to share your work, experience and knowledge.

So, the waiting is over. Come and join in.

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