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Christmas came early

Well, our UK launch has happened at the Scale Model World show at Telford this weekend (11th November 2023).

Our support team we're really excited to be at the event and there to help you with you choices of colour from our range. But as we always try to deliver that little bit more at Sprue Box, we were super excited to have the team from Trans Atlantis Games show off the beauty of Two Thins Coats which included live demos of the paint in action.

All of the pre-orders have now gone out or were picked up at the show.

It was with real joy for Elliot and I as he picked up is order and being one of only a few people that took advantage of pre ordering the full military range in one go.

Happy spraying Elliot and remember just Two light coats is all that you need to bring that rich colour to life.

A massive thank you to you all, who took the time to come over and ask about Outlaw Paints or make a purchase. As i said on the days, please feed back to us you experience and become the ambassador of what we think is truly the best lacquer paint there is.

Two Thin Coats.

As i touched upon early, Sam and Peter were there to help show our visitors the amazing range of Acrylic paint from Two thin Coats.

The demos done by Sam really help explain just how the product works and that you really do only need Two Thin Coats applied to you piece. But also just how the product can be used in the Military scale models.

A great cross over of a product better known in the war gaming community and now their secret is out, Im sure you would agree a very welcome addition to your bench if you are someone who doesn't use an airbrush system.

We are so pleased to announce that we will be teaming up with them in the coming months and 2024 which will bring to you some great offers and introduction offers to inspire you to add them to your bench.

Inspiration Boxes

As you know, we have been providing you a very different product in the last year in our pricing plans on our website.

The inspiration boxes and subscription service got a lot of enquires. Being able to show you just what a difference the experience of the subscription service can provide to you was a massive pleasure. With some great feedback and even one of our subscribers brought their work to display.

For those that missed it, Our subscription packages include a quarterly inspiration box, which the Sprue Box team select and bring together a range of products to allow you to try out some different modelling techniques in which you may not of done before.

But we are the only provider of not only the product, but with an extensive range of support which come with purchase. With demo videos, live hangouts and an interactive space to exchange ideas and experiences. We are there to help you all the way from start to finish of your project.


So we will be doing a SMW 23 show report in the near future and to inform you of just what is coming to you in 2024, but for now we must clear the dust away from the show and check our stock. We will be updating the website in the coming days and you will be able to place you orders soon.

But in the mean time, if you have any questions or stock request, why not drop us a line and let the team know.

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Absolutely amazing helpful team it was a pleasure meeting you all. You got the paints i required and though I’ve not tested yet. I was amazed with the support and journey I went through to get what I needed.. look forward to more purchases from you

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