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48hr Birthday bash

As you may know, the Model Officers Mess community do an annual charity fund raiser for that wonder charity Models for Heroes.

The 48hr Birthday Bash brings together the model making community from around the world, in a Live Streamed event on the Model Officers youtube channel.

With participants from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe and Canada too name but a few, all making 1/48 scale kits in 48hrs.

The event starts at 7.30pm in your time zone, on Friday the 11th March 2023.

The event also has a live auction, in three different time zones, that being, Australia, Uk and USA. Some amazing lots from sponsors have been donated and it gives you the opportunity to pick up in some case one off offers from kits to paint and everything in between. Post and packing is not included in the lots, so will need to be added to you bid if you win.

As this is my group and business, of course Im very happy to sponsor the event. But this year i want to also offer some kits at good prices to you, in which you may choose for the event. Or just buy knowing that a percentage of the sale will also go to the charity.

So, if any of the kits appeal to you, please bear in mind they are limited stock items which will be ordered in especially for you.I have attached the flyers and offers below.

But more importantly, get involved in the event, the community and the support for Model for Heroes.

Op's room out.

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